ICCI urges for promoting academia-industry linkages to improve growth

Islamabad: The developed world has achieved phenomenal economic growth by promoting academia-industry linkages and we have to adopt the same approach to strengthen our economy. This was observed by Muhammad Naved Malik, Senior Vice President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry while talking to Imran Rehman, Vice Chancellor, Institute of Space Technology during visit to IST along with a delegation. Khalid Chaudhry, Asher Hafiz, Dildar Abbasi and M. Faheem Khan were in the delegation. Dr. Zafar M. Khan, Director General ORIC, IST and Dr. Zahoor Sarwar Consultant IST were also present at the occasion. The final year students of IST displayed their projects to the delegation members.   

  1. Naveed Malik said that universities have latest pool of knowledge and they should help in resolving the key issues of the local industry. He emphasized that universities should focus on applied research that would help in addressing major problems of the society. He said that over 60 percent of our population was comprised of youth while thousands of youngsters were entering the job market every year. However, our public and private sectors were not capable to absorb them in jobs. He said to cope with the issue of rising unemployment, universities should focus on fostering entrepreneurship in students that would enable them to become job creators instead of job seekers.

Speaking at the occasion, Imran Rahman, Vice Chancellor, Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad said that universities could help in improving the productivity, efficiency and competitiveness of industry for which strengthening academia-industry linkages was important. He said that research departments of universities were conducting good research in various field, but due to lack of coordination, local industry was not taking benefits of their research work. He urged that industry should share its problems with universities so that academia could play role in addressing them. He hoped that ICCI’s efforts would contribute in improving academia-industry linkages that would lead to accelerating the economic growth and strengthening the economy.

At the occasion, ICCI delegation members gave useful tips to IST students for achieving success in business field.