Karachiites: Please “Jago” – It’s Your City!

I was thinking for the last few months to highlight a very important issue which no one has pointed so far. It is about an underpass which was built in Karachi Defense area few years back. I, as a responsible citizen of Pakistan, feel that I must bring the flaws in the construction of said […]


Tehran Dialogue Forum: A beginning for implementation of Hormuz Peace Endeavor

The daily passage of about 15 million barrels of oil and trade of a huge volume of commercial items among the countries of the region and beyond, depicts the strategic importance of the strait of  Hormuz in international trade and energy. As such, security and stability of the strait, in order to ensure access to […]

Tax Ordinance

Passage of Tax Ordinance: Disruption of Fertilizer Supply Feared

The Federal government has passed a Tax Ordinance on 26th December 2019, which restricts fertilizer companies from claiming input sales tax on retailing of urea to unregistered dealers. This overnight knee jerk action by the Government has very serious implications for the industry and the farmers as 99% of urea dealers are not registered in […]

Bank Reforms

Towards Customer-Friendly and Mutually-Rewarding Bank Reforms

There is light at the end of the tunnel  as regards my article: “From customer care to customer nightmare”. A ray of hope emanates “Towards customer-friendly and mutually-rewarding bank reforms”. Let’s make hay while the sun shines over our banking horizon for a change. It’s  basically a question of gradual transformation from die-hard procrastination to […]

Lateef Kashmiri

Lateef Kashmiri : A poet of purity shines over the queen of hills

So able, so noble, so humble, so gentle, Lateef Kashmiri!  He is no more, he lives on as a poet of promise,  purity and piety. Reminiscences of a quietly, saintly and brightly illuminating soul. With Lateef Kashmiri’s ancestors migrating from Srinagar to Murree over a century and a half ago, he, with his family, was quite accustomed […]

Banking at the crossroads

Banking at the crossroads

Imagine imposingly responsible management and staff of our banking sector!  It is not pinpointing any particular bank but soul-searching in customer care from those who plan from high towers down the management line to staff. Bankers, you are all wonderful in banking innovations and customer care on paper. But it’s different story in practice. Look at banks […]

Psycho-political Analysis

National Psycho-political Analysis

Imagine “true” soul-searching,  mind-blowing and heart-scanning endeavors to efficiently, effectively and enormously address our social, economic and political woes, as we have already tested in vain many a  “guru-like” strategy in this regard?! Pondering, delving and sharing honestly, earnestly and inventively into truth, facts and reality, it is just a question of attitudes, mindsets, and […]


UN Day and children of the world

Whether they are the flood-hit children of Lakho Pir and Raajgoth, Jharak, or those flood-affected little folks of Jhando Marri, Tando Hafiz, Sindh, Pakistan; be they poor, hungry and sick street children of Calcutta, Bombay or Delhi, India or those in wretched life conditions in Chad, Gabon and Mali; whether they are physically, mentally and […]

Young World

DAWN’s magazine, “Young World” is mostly fancied by children, seldom by adults.

However, considered to be a children’s magazine because of its paper size and the word “Young” mentioned in its name, this publication comprises articles and features pertaining to a wide range of well-researched, investigative topics, factual and in-depth articles on science and technology, sports, literature, culture, world history, astronomy, nature, geography and so on.  The […]


Combo of terrorism and misuse of authority in FIA.

FIA is one of the leading investigation agency of Pakistan which not only deals with the cases of white-collar and syndicated crimes such as anti-Corruption, human trafficking, Counter-Terrorism on federal level. Since the appointment of its incumbent DG FIA in the previous regime of N-league, he engulfed FIA with the PSP officers of his own […]