Sweet dreams, sour realities

Amid chocked ears and closed eyes, men at the helm ot our crlcket affairs, as mentioned, are such strangers to reality that lessons are never learnt as history of failures repeats over and over again. Weak reflex action, lack of physical fitness and non-commital attitude glaringly expose our fielding loopholes to crashing defeats over and […]

Interest Rate

Interest Rate is going to Cause Serious damage: Ateeq ur Rehman

“Historic Hike” in interest rate is going to cause serious damage to “cost of doing business”, said Ateeq Ur Rehman (Economic & Financial Analyst). While talking to our correspondent he further said that the decision to raise the discount rate by massive 1.5pc is like sending shockwaves to Business Community  which is already struggling with rising […]

Deaf Reach

Deaf Reach Program an initiative of Family Educational Services Foundation

The Deaf Reach Program is an initiative of Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF), a non-profit educational organization active in Pakistan since 1984. FESF is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all members of the community, especially those who are disadvantaged. With one national language, Urdu, four provincial tongues (Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto, and Balochi), […]

Military War Court

Showdown of 118 calls at 9/11 Military War Court

GUANTANAMO, CUBA – Humanity was jolted by 9/11, to witness a paradigm shift in racism and terrorism. Every other household in world, discussed why did 9/11 happen and who masterminded the deadly attacks? The looming question, whether the United States was engaged in active war with al Qaeda on the day of 9/11 has prompted […]


Curtain-Raiser to a Success Story

Heads bow in gratitude before Almighty Allah and sharing in deep humility with the world at large is that a simple little ordinary teacher like me may be at sheer loss of words but oozing with feelings of purity, love, affection, sentiments and wishes for all my rocketing students, very specially, truly centrally and most […]


Reality check on Pakistan Day

Year-after-year, MashaAllah, we commemorate Pakistan Day with vim, vigor and vitality.  For an even better celebration let us delve into the real essence, true spirit, and patriotic pledges of this memorable occasion pondering over the Reality Check on Pakistan Day.  Discover, validate and attribute on Pakistan Day how humble, less-heard and unsung journalists quietly, zealously and […]

pakistan and india

Pro-Pakistani vibes dawn over Indian horizon

Imagine models of paradigm and positive shift in Indian public opinion on Pakistan’s statesmanlike gestures of goodwill to India! A favorable Pakistani stance reflects whether Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Warthaman’s pro Pakistani confessions on his release from Pakistan or Indian cricketers felicitations to Imran Khan on his election as Prime Minister of Pakistan or the […]


Pakistan shatters Indian dream of regional supremacy : Pakistan Economy Watch

KARACHI – The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Sunday said our political and military leadership has shattered Indian dream of regional domination through their brilliant moves. Pakistan’s military is strong while its economy is weak therefore India continues to keep Line of Control restive to drain our resources, it said. Pakistan has hailed Russian offer […]


Conflicting Viewpoints: Areas of Caution in the Precinct of Sensitivities Civil Vs military Perception

PATRIOTISM:None among Pakistanis are traitors, unless proven guilty through a due and unbiased process of law. Blame game in accusing others at whims, or to the dissenting voices on state policies is UNACCEPTABLE in decent societies including Muslim society. Most dissenting voices reflect frustration in love of the nation and needs to be addressed with […]

Pakistan and India

Pakistan and India Require Peaceful Dialogues to Settle the Current Issues

The World had witnessed numerous wars but ultimate results to cause of conflicts were settled through negotiations on the table, hence the solution to any serious conflict between the two countries is peaceful settlement through “negotiation”! Pakistan & India are currently confronted with a highly charged environment of “War” which is a highly alarming situation. […]