Reality check on Pakistan Day

Year-after-year, MashaAllah, we commemorate Pakistan Day with vim, vigor and vitality.  For an even better celebration let us delve into the real essence, true spirit, and patriotic pledges of this memorable occasion pondering over the Reality Check on Pakistan Day.  Discover, validate and attribute on Pakistan Day how humble, less-heard and unsung journalists quietly, zealously and […]

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pakistan and india

Pro-Pakistani vibes dawn over Indian horizon

Imagine models of paradigm and positive shift in Indian public opinion on Pakistan’s statesmanlike gestures of goodwill to India! A favorable Pakistani stance reflects whether Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Warthaman’s pro Pakistani confessions on his release from Pakistan or Indian cricketers felicitations to Imran Khan on his election as Prime Minister of Pakistan or the […]

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Pakistan shatters Indian dream of regional supremacy : Pakistan Economy Watch

KARACHI – The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Sunday said our political and military leadership has shattered Indian dream of regional domination through their brilliant moves. Pakistan’s military is strong while its economy is weak therefore India continues to keep Line of Control restive to drain our resources, it said. Pakistan has hailed Russian offer […]

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Conflicting Viewpoints: Areas of Caution in the Precinct of Sensitivities Civil Vs military Perception

PATRIOTISM:None among Pakistanis are traitors, unless proven guilty through a due and unbiased process of law. Blame game in accusing others at whims, or to the dissenting voices on state policies is UNACCEPTABLE in decent societies including Muslim society. Most dissenting voices reflect frustration in love of the nation and needs to be addressed with […]

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Pakistan and India

Pakistan and India Require Peaceful Dialogues to Settle the Current Issues

The World had witnessed numerous wars but ultimate results to cause of conflicts were settled through negotiations on the table, hence the solution to any serious conflict between the two countries is peaceful settlement through “negotiation”! Pakistan & India are currently confronted with a highly charged environment of “War” which is a highly alarming situation. […]

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Can Hamdard Thrive In The Era Of The Millennial Consumer?

It is an ad that relies on contrasts: a product as traditionally Pakistani as Hamdard’s Rooh Afza being consumed by non-Pakistanis in New York’s Times Square, in front of a digital billboard on the NASDAQ building displaying the product’s branding. And as if to really drive home the point that this is a company seeking a new […]

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Gholam Mujtaba

The Vision Vs Delusion- The Three Wickets of Tabdeeli

A Speech without PARCHEE at the world forum:1.Wicket -1: Won the cricket world cup to benefit the country.2.Wicket-2: Built a cancer hospital to serve the poor nations.3.Wicket-3: Predecessors were all corrupt, and he is self-proclaimed honest having accepted all illegitimate births of the offspring. A Speech without PARCHEE at the world forum:1.Wicket -1: Won the […]

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Faizabad VS D-Chowk Dharna ,The Altercation of Similarity & Dissimilarity

Faizabad VS D-Chowk Dharna ,The Altercation of Similarity & Dissimilarity ,Collusion of the Powerful to Overthrow A government THE PRIME QUESTION:Was there a writ of the state in Dharnas, or was it a civil disobedience campaign orchestrated by the powerful quarters? THE OBJECTIVE BEHIND DHARNAS (SIT-IN):The D-chowk dharna was supported by a certain quarter from […]

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Exploiting Rule of Madinah by Misconcepts Constitutes an Assault on Religious Values

State of Madinah under Khalifate e Rashida is regarded as the golden chapter in Muslim and human history. The rulers were accountable before their subject, rule of law was unprecedented, and protection of human dignity and values outperformed all societies in human history. The moral standards and personal character of the ruler formed role model […]

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SECMC becomes World’s First & Only ISO 45001 Certified Pit Mining Company

KARACHI –  Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) has become World’s first and only pit mining company to get ISO-45001:2018 Certification.  The certification has been granted after six months of intense preparations, trainings and then eventually the audit carried out by Lloyd’s Register LRQA. The new ISO 45001 published in March 2018 by the International […]

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