PM reiterates his resolve not to compromise on corruption

KARACHI – Prime Minister Imran Khan says major reforms are being made in various sectors to provide relief to the common man.

He was addressing a ceremony in Lahore today to mark the key achievements of Punjab government in first 100 days.

He said civil code procedure will be reformed in order to reduce the time involved in disposition of cases.

Prime Minister said the courts will decide the cases in one year time after the introduction of reforms. He said this will be started in center, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and Balochistan soon.

He said police reforms are mandatory to depoliticize the department and make it a modern law enforcement force.

The Prime Minister said agricultural reforms are also very important as this sector acts as a backbone of the country. He said small farmers will be empowered and facilitated to raise their living standards.

Imran Khan said protection of rights of minorities is part of the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who struggled for a separate country for Muslims that would also ensure equal rights to people of other faiths.

He said corruption is the biggest evil that chokes the development of a country. Referring to the protest of opposition on NAB cases, he said these cases were filed during the tenure of previous government and PTI government has no role in it. Prime Minister said the only difference is that incumbent government did not stop the accountability process as done previously.

He said in clear terms that there will be no compromise on accountability.

Imran Khan said he came into politics to rid the country of corruption.

Turning towards Punjab,Prime Minister Imran Khan said the Province will be taken forward after steering it out of difficult situation.

Imran Khan said the sense of deprivation increased in South Punjab after it was not given its due share during the tenure of previous governments. He lamented that the budget of South Punjab was spent on making the city of Lahore beautiful and modern.

The Prime Minister said the vision of Punjab Chief Minister to allocate equitable distribution of budget in Punjab cities and villages will ensure equal development of the province. He said the previous rulers had businesses and interests abroad due to which the country reached dire straits.

Addressing the ceremony, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said all out steps are being taken to improve the institutions in Punjab.

He said the culture of status quo has been abolished in the province.

He said executive councils have been set up in the center and Punjab to declare South Punjab a new province.

Sardar Usman Buzdar said 100000 acres of land worth 171 billion rupees has been retrieved from encroachment mafia. A new industrial policy has been approved which will lead to employment of 1.2 million youth.

Chief Minister said 10.25 million saplings have been planted in first 100 days of the provincial government.

He said a record legislation has been made in this short period of time and thirty one bills have been sent to law ministry.Punjab Chief Minister said under the guidance of PM, shelter homes have been established in Lahore and Rawalpindi to provide facility to homeless people.

He said an organized and indiscriminate action was taken against power thieves.

Punjab Chief Minister said PTI Government has appointed women at top slots of its departments and institutions.

He said Sehat Insaf Card program is being launched from next month in four districts in first phase, which will be extended to whole province in phases.

Provincial Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakht while giving a presentation of the provincial government’s achievements said a foundation has been laid down for change of system in the first 100 days.

He said when the PTI government came into power, it inherited a loan of 1140 billion rupees. It had to go to litigation to resolve the cases of unpaid amounts of 56 billion rupees, left by previous government.

Giving salient features of the trajectory of progress, he said the provincial government has set a target of 7 percent growth rate.It will not only look for foreign investment in various projects, but also encourage local investors by giving them all facilities.

He said new urban areas will be established to cater to the needs of rising population.Hashim Jawan Bakht said the provincial government aims to create six million job opportunities in order to lift 10 million people out of poverty.