OIC FMs adopted strongly worded statement against denigrating Islam

New York: Foreign Ministers of the OIC at a meeting in New York on the margins of UN General Assembly session adopted a strongly worded statement against denigrating Islam, its revered personalities and symbols.

The statement was proposed jointly by Pakistan and Turkey.

In the joint statement, serious concerns were expressed on intensification of hate campaigns which were deliberately targeting Muslims and the Islamic religious symbols.

The joint statement also rejected provocative acts like the holding of the competition and contest to ridicule Islam and aimed at inciting violence.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in his statement expressed deep concern over the misrepresentation of Islam and at activities that have shown disrespect to the most revered personality of Islam.

The Foreign Minister in his bilateral meetings in New York also expressed concern on the alarming rise in defamatory activities which were hurting the sensibilities of the Muslims.