SWAT organized a Sabeel on the 10th of Muharram

Muharram is a month of remembrance of the sacrifices that were made by the family of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). The tenth of Muharram known as “The Day of Ashura” commemorates the time when Imam Hussein (RA), his family and followers were deprived of water.
Sabeel is one the few traditions of Muharram that reflects sectarian harmony. Families of both sects set up stalls to distribute drinks to the mourners. This water is meant to quench the thirst of weary travellers so that it reminds them of the thirst that the army of Imam Hussein (RA) had to undergo and also for the sake of humanity.
SWAT – Social Welfare And Trust (IoBM), catering the momentousness of this sacred month and tradition, played its vital part in it. On the 10th of Muharram at Markazi Jaloos, SWAT set up a sabeel to quench the thirst of weary travellers, the mourners and the uncountable followers of Hussain. With our sabeel-e-hussain initiative we have successfully served 4000-5000 people with juices and niaz. When the urge to serve people hits you, neither heat nor humidity can stop you.
SWAT looks up to serving humanity and playing its part for the society in future as well.