Exploiting Rule of Madinah by Misconcepts Constitutes an Assault on Religious Values

State of Madinah under Khalifate e Rashida is regarded as the golden chapter in Muslim and human history. The rulers were accountable before their subject, rule of law was unprecedented, and protection of human dignity and values outperformed all societies in human history. The moral standards and personal character of the ruler formed role model for the entire civilization.

The minorities were provided complete protection by the state.

Adulterer, drug addicts, alcoholics and evaders of law never received immunity, nor selective justice was ever known to the subject.

Riyasat e Madinah would never allow:

  • 1.Father of an illegitimate child to become head of a government.
  • 2.To disown his/her descendent, such as his/her daughter.
  • 3.Abuse of power by allowing Umrah spending of Rs. 1.5 crores on state resources to the ruler, while denying past practice of expenses in performing Haj to the subject.
  • 4.Promoting selective justice on himself and his sister through money laundering to buy overseas properties, while ridiculing others.
  • 5.Undeclared source of income of the ruler.
  • 6.Not performing Salatul Eid, while bowing before the cemetery of the dead.
  • 7.Never seen in prayer congregations, while punctual with dog, Sheroo.
  • 8.Lying on each and every issue, calling it a U-turn in face saving.
  • 9.Getting paid during absence from the parliamentary sessions.
  • 10.Promoting vulgarity.

And many more.

We take strong exception to acts tantamount to disrepute the radiant past of Muslim history, the Riyasat Madinah by a known playboy.
A crime is being committed through an assault on religious values by promoting evil practices.
This is NOT ACCEPTABLE, and a call for immediate remedial action.
By: Gholam Mujtaba, Ed.D., M.D., FRSPH, FICPS

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