Apple unveils new Macs, iPad Pro

NEW YORK: Apple has unveiled a new version of its MacBook Air laptop, this time made of recycled aluminum, as well as a new Mac Mini and an iPad Pro, all pricier than their predecessors.

Nearly 10 years after the launch of the first MacBook Air by the late Steve Jobs, his successor Tim Cook presented on Tuesday the latest version of this PC, just 1.56 cm thick, compared to 1.94 cm (0.75 inches).

This model was made with 100 percent recycled aluminum and recycled plastic, a change which reduces its carbon footprint, Apple said.

Last year Apple announced it would aim for a circular production system for its iPhones, which it said would allow for making new products with recycled materials.

The Mac Mini unveiled Tuesday — the latest version of Apple’s high-performance mini desktop computer — is also manufactured with completely recycled aluminum and plastic as well.

Apple is not the only computer manufacturer to use such material, but a report by Greenpeace last year called it among the best performers in the industry in terms of going easy on the environment.
In its most basic model, with 128 gigabytes of memory, the MacBook Air will be available November 7 in the United States at a price of $1,199, which is $200 more than the simplest current version of the computer.