SSGC’s Operation Girft: 2 Arrested

KARACHI – In the continuity of gas theft operation, SSGC has arrested 2 more gas thieves. Recently, a raid was conducted at a hotel in Mehran Town, where the owner was accessing gas directly from distribution pipelines. Illegal burners and gas suction machines were recovered and the culprit Mr. Abdul Waheed was arrested on the spot. 

The case against the arrested culprit registered under the FIR No. 10/ 2020 Under section 15/24 gas theft control and recovery act 2016. 

In another raid in the Larkana region, a resident of Dokri, Mamtaz Sanjrani has been arrested.  Mamataz Sanjrani was stealing gas by puncturing SSGC’s main service line. FIR lodged against the culprit under the GTC&R Act 2016. 

SS& CGTO Brig. (R) Muhammad Abu Zar has reiterated that SSGC has zero-tolerance for gas thieves and gas theft. Further, he added that aggressive steps will be taken to curb down the incidences of gas theft in the future as Gas theft is the main cause contributing to an increase in UFG which is affecting the Company’s financial position. 

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