SECP holds awareness session for Rotarians

ISLAMABAD: In continuation of its investor awareness drive, the SECP conducted an awareness session titled ‘Benefiting from SECP’s Investor Education Program’ at Rotary Club of Islamabad Metropolitan (RCIM) at a local hotel.

The SECP’s Executive Director, Investor Education Department (IED), Ms Khalida Habib and her colleagues, were welcomed by the RCIM President, Ms Fakhira Khanum, and Secretary Mr. Shaukat Mukaddam. The members of the club attended the session to gain insights into the SECP’s investor education program and to become SECP’s ambassadors in their respective circles of influence.

The audience was apprised about SECP’s role as the apex regulatory authority and its overarching Jamapunji awareness campaign. The talk explained various investment avenues. The audience were informed that mutual funds were safer for those who lacked expert knowledge of the stock market. Tax rebate is also available for investment in mutual funds.

The session targeted members and volunteers of Rotary, which is an international service organization that brings people from all walks of life together  to provide humanitarian services to communities in need. By apprising the club members about do’s and don’ts of savings and investment, the SECP aims to utilize their mobility in far-flung and neglected areas of the country to spread financial awareness.

The SECP representatives had interactive communication with highly energetic club members and volunteers who expressed their interest in the SECP’s Jamapunji campaign and suggested to utilize educational activities of the drive in their ongoing service projects.

The president RCIM lauded SECP’s efforts and suggested that the Jamapunji investor education session should be conducted at their fellow Rotract Club, whose members are between the ages of 18 and 30.

ED (IED) extended her full support and pledged to continue collaboration with Rotary in the future to build a financially aware Pakistan.