Powerful U.S. Team to Visit Afghanistan, India & Pakistan Next Week.

End of Imran’s Bouncers Against U.S. — Time to face American Bouncer!

General James Mattis “Mad Dog”, the United States Defense Secretary has issued a stern statement that Pakistan needs to dismantle terror networks within Pakistan. There are no compromises, or false premises. The United States wants to see evidence of solid effort on Pakistani part. The two top and most powerful officials of the Trump administration, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Joint Chief of the Staff General Joseph Dumford will be visiting the three countries with tough message for Pakistan.
General Mattis with his tough words for Pakistan, praised Indian democracy and her role in this war on terror. This is a victory for Indian diplomacy.

This visit is a clear message from President Trump to the turncoat Prime Minister of Pakistan.
On a secondary note, and from a Pakistani perspective, Imran Khan has to display his “DHARNA” muscles against U.S. interests in Pakistan to satisfy the anti American sentiments of the Pakistani masses, indoctrinated over the years through deliberate covert operation.
It is time for Imran Khan to face an American bouncer he never cared, as a Leader of the opposition, while promoting anti American rhetoric. The pro Iranian lobby controlling his government, and those who sponsored him through worst electoral rigging will have to taste a new American bouncer.
The Pakistani Foreign Minister at a recent press briefing told the media that Pakistan has changed her foreign policy paradigm, and the recent rapprochement with the Russian military is a step forward in paradigm shift. The coming visit of the Iranian and Chinese Foreign Ministers to Pakistan is the beginning of Pakistan’s new era of isolation from the U.S. camp.

Pakistan’s foreign and defense policy teams are leading Pakistan to a tight corner. This is counterproductive to Pakistan’s national security. It is obvious that poll riggings were conducted for a shift in this policy after Dawn Leaks.

Pakistan will face a leadership swap in 2019. Dollar to sky-rocket against Pak rupee. Price hike is a writing on the wall, and loan repayments are highly likely to default.
However, we pray nothing of this happens, and the Pakistani oligarchy avoids confrontational politics with the United States.
Long Live United States Pakistan friendship.

By: Gholam Mujtaba, Ed.D., M.D.