13-day-long theatre festival begins At Alhamra Arts Center .

LAHORE: The 13-day long Theatre Festival will begin at Alhamra Art Center the Mall from August 30.

In this festival 15 renowned theater groups including Mass Foundation, LUMS University, Zig Zag media production, Sangat theatre, Aks theatre, Nau-ratan Production, Punjab University, Sirimiri Production, Orange Media Production, Ajoka theatre, Azaad theatre and others will stage their dramas in the festival.

Talking to the media Chairman Alhamra Arts Council Mr. Tuqeer Nasir said that, “Alhamra Theater Festival” is a free entertainment for people of Lahore which is being held in Alhamra Arts Center from 31st Aug to 11th September 2018, where various theater dramas productions will stage their dramas to entertain the audience. We want to revive our theatre and bring people back to serious and quality theatre; our basic aim is to celebrate the legacy of theatre in Lahore.

Director Art & Culture Lahore Arts Council, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi talking about the festival, said, the festival being organized to promote true spirit of theatre and provide vigorous entertainment to the audience. He further said, let this festival be a source of Happiness and Joy for all.

Public Information Officer Alhamra Arts Council Samreen Bukhari in her statement said: this theatre festival is organized in the supervision of Executive Director Alhamra Arts Council Capt R Atta Muhammad Khan who believes that “Being progressive and responsible cultural organization, LAC has always been a big supporter of the rich art and culture of Punjab. We the LAC have arranged this theatre festival from that sense of responsibility to honor the luminous artists of the theatre industry.” Each day one theater drama will be held at 7 P.M in Hall 2, the entry will be free for families she added. Deputy Director admin Aftab Ansari was also present.