Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew JAWS TVC Launch

Mountain Dew has been at the forefront of new avenues and experiences for Dewers in Pakistan. It has been inspiring the audience to conquer their fears on various levels. Dew has owned various platforms from bold and extreme stunt events to leading gaming competition to use technology like VR so everyone has a chance to experience the thrill of the moment and face their fears.

On 9th April, Mountain Dew, staying true to its ideology “Darr Kay Aagey Jeet Hai”, gave us an exhilarating unveiling of the new, adventurous, and full of excitement and action-packed TVC. Our local hero, Feroze Khan, is the face of this new campaign that appears as the ultimate adventurous champion in the nail biting narrative of this never seen before advertisement.

Feroze Khan made an incredible entrance to the event, with flair of adventure, on his bike and talked about what it was like to go up against a shark to get to a bottle of Dew! Mountain Dew, staying true to its promise to cultivate adventure and extreme sports in Pakistan, celebrated bold and daring local heroes who had the courage to conquer their fears despite all odds. Inspiring stories by Saad Muhammad, the mountaineer, Zenith Irfan, the motorcycle girl and Moin Khan, internationally known motorcyclist moved the audience and pumped up everyone’s passion to follow their dreams and not let fear stand in the way of victory.

Saad Munawar, Marketing Director of PepsiCo, discussed the success of Mountain Dew in Pakistan and how he envisions to keep making the brand bigger to bring more to its audience. Rebecca Preston, Senior Vice President of Beverages, MEAPAC delivered an amazing speech on the potential that Mountain Dew holds in the adventure loving country like Pakistan.

The event was concluded by an incredible performance by the Leo Twins which raised the heartbeats of the crowd.