Kabutar A Cultural Exchange Exhibition will be held in Karachi

KARACHI – Kabutar, Cultural Exchange Exhibition will be held in Karachi in collaboration with MH Initiatives and Orbit Advertising

MH Initiatives hosting delegates from four European countries in Karachi. Pakistani delegates will travel from May/June 2019 to these European countries and opening night of the display will be organized in Milan, Amsterdam, Paris, and Istanbul.

Wajeeha Khalid Orbit Adv: MH Initiatives, an art company in partnership with Orbit Advertising. For your reference, she has curated the first summit of Pakistan’s art scene ‘Karachi Art Summit’ in 2017. For further reference, please visit the website www.mehreenhashmi.com

Be part of Kabutar which involves established/contemporary international artists and will be displayed/traveled in all five countries. It involves art organization/supporters from European countries as well. We are launching on 27th April 2019 at Alliance Francaise de Karachi along with hosting international delegates. All the respective consulates are involved with this project.