Junaid Khan attends childhood Cancer survivors day celebrations at Indus Hospital

KARACHI – Actor & singer Junaid Khan, attended celebrations of the childhood cancer survivors day organized by the Indus Hospital in Karachi yesterday.

The event was an ode to those patients and families who have survived the grueling battle against childhood cancer, and these real-life heroes, share snippets of their journey for the first time in public at this event. 

Extremely touched by the stories, Khan said, “Today I realized what it really means to fight for your life!! Was at a loss of words when I was hearing stories of our real-life heroes, the cancer survivors, as they shared their inspirational stories of how they fought such a tough battle.” 

“Felt honored to be invited to the event as I thank the lord for all the blessings, he has bestowed upon us.” Khan further added. 

Along with Junaid Khan, the event was also attended by cricketer Shahid Afridi, who was there with his daughters & actors Zahid Ahmed & Naveed Raza.

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