Humanitarian Diplomacy Lies at the Heart of Humanitarian Action: Thomas Gurtner

Karachi: Humanitarian Diplomacy lies at the heart of humanitarian action and is a complex subject which includes engaging global, regional and local partners to work within the fundamental principles of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, said Thomas Gurtner, Head of Delegation IFRC in his keynote address at a seminar on the subject.

Mr. Gurtner was addressing the participants where he explained that Humanitarian diplomacy is about persuading decision makers and opinion leaders to act at all times in the interest of people.

‘The RCRC movement works with the government to facilitate the influx of international aid and guide national societies in creating more resilient communities’, he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ghazi Salahuddin talked about the importance of human rights for the humanitarian work. He said that we must learn to be effective citizen and work collectively to make things work.

Renowned advocate Yasin Azad, Ex-President of Supreme Court Bar Association said that the citizens aren’t aware of their rights. The constitution ensures protection of fundamental human rights but people aren’t aware of it. He said that organizations like PRCS are working to facilitate people in need and make them aware of their rights.

‘We need to improve our understanding of humanitarian issues and the difference between humanitarian Law and Human rights law’, said Prof. Dr. Khalida Ghous. We must be understand the typology of crises within South Asia and must be prepared for the anatomy of international conflicts we are facing today, she added while concluding the seminar.

Prof. Dr. Khalida Ghous spoke on the importance of outreach in humanitarian work and how to reach at certain segments. She highlighted the challenges present in Pakistan in philanthropy and the greater scope of issues that need to be addressed including interstate conflict, civil war, women rights issues. She said that we as a society should come forward in order to improve the situation.

Earlier, PRCS Chairman Shahnaz Hamid gave an introduction of Humanitarian Diplomacy and stressed on the importance of collective efforts for addressing humanitarian issues.

Mr Kanwar Waseem, PRCS Provincial Secretary gave the vote of thanks at the end.

The seminar aimed at bringing people and organization from humanitarian sector to work in collaboration with Pakistan Red Crescent and ensure at protecting the rights and dignity of the people in need. It included more than 100 people from different government organizations, NGOs, media and civil society.

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