General Tariq Waseem Ghazi Speak at Guest Speaker Session at DUHS

KARACHI – Former Defense Secretary, General Tariq Waseem Ghazi (Retd) said that a large portion of the country’s budget should be dedicated to education and health. But before doing so, the budgeting plan and the use of it should be crystal clear and the concept of ghost school and ghost healthcare centers should be eliminated, because without ratifying the corruption in health and education, it is not possible to increase the budget. He said while speaking in Guest Speaker Session at Dow University of Health Sciences. Principal of Dow Medical College, Prof. Kartar Dawani also addressed at the session and also gave a brief introduction of the guest.

General Tariq Waseem Ghazi added that the survey conducted in 1990 revealed that 45% of schools in Punjab have been built on paper and not on land. He emphasized upon dissolving the class system as the current system is based upon elite class preference. Responding to a question, he said that Karachi should be cleared off of garbage, filth and pollution. This would influence the environment of the city in a positive way. In the beginning of the decade, when he was the Core Commander Karachi, there was a grant of 20 Million Euro with the European Union for a Garbage Recycling Plant but due to some tensions by federal and provincial government, the grant became lapse. If this problem had been solved then, we would not have been suffering through such issues today.

He encouraged the students to concentrate on studies, become a skilled and competent doctor and serve the humanity. He further added that a doctor should have high communication skills in order to satisfy his patients and address their queries because a doctor is known by his reputation and skills. He said that the former Army Chief General Asif Nawaz was always keen to know the reputation of the officer before working for any strategic plan.

He said before beginning your professional life, you should be able to foresee yourself and your status / position in the near future. Professional life is all about new challenges and to pass through those challenges wisely. Most of the people are only interested in just spending their working hours and get back to home. Instead, they should concentrate upon their work and the best possible ways to accomplish their assigned tasks. At the end of the session, the audience gave standing ovation and thanked General Tariq Waseem Ghazi in a huge round of applause.