CPEC Business Forum held in Karachi

A CPEC Business Forum was held in Karachi at Marriott Hotel organize by SMH INTERNATIONAL-EM with the support of Trade & Industry Bodies of Private Sector of Pakistan & China. This Forum was addressed by leading National & International, Intellectuals, Economists, Diplomats, Business & Industry Leaders, Ministers, Governors Expressed their Views on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as under:

“The Pakistan-China Treaty for friendship and cooperation and good neighborly relations is a key instrument which enables Pakistan to strengthen its strategic; economic and cultural relations. (Mr. Muhammad Zubair Governor of Sindh)”


“China always attaches great importance to China-Pakistan relations and support bilateral pragmatic cooperation, We will continue to encourage Chinese investment to Pakistan for win-win cooperation. We believe the Pakistani side will further contribute to a sound environment for foreign investment. (Yao Jing Ambassador of China)”

“CPEC  is not merely an ordinary economic corridor or a transit trade route, but it is a fate changer that will charismatically change the plight of Pakistani nation by transforming into a modern, technological prosperous country. (Mr. Wang Zihai Chairman China Affairs PCJCCI)”

“CPEC is A Gateway of Global Security & Economic Prosperity creating a positive image of Pakistan Globally, which is the need of time. Private Sector of Pakistan through CPEC will play a vital role in promoting the friendship and exchange in the field of economic and trade Globally (Mr. Shiekh Humayun Sayeed Former Vice President FPCCI)”

“Efficient and Fast transportation network is of vital importance to the economic development through CPEC. (Mr. Nadeem Malik Industrialist)”

“The CPEC will have Significant Impact on Industrialization and economic growth of Pakistan. (Ms. Naheed Memon Chairperson SBOI)”

“CPEC offers what this nation has been seeking for better part of the last seven decades i.e sustainable economic development. (Mr. Dewan Muhammad Yousuf Farooqui Industrialist)”

CPEC has vital importance for Pakistan and China is the only country which has brought 60 Billion Dollars investment which will have long term benefits in the economy of Pakistan. (Moinuddin Haider Former Governor Sindh)

“As per National Human Development Report (NHDR), Launched by (UNDP) in May 2018, Pakistan would have over 64% of its population under 30 years of age, This makes Pakistan, the Second youngest country in the world and in my Opinion The CPEC could be a major source of job opportunities for Employment. (Osman Dadabhoy Businessman & Industrialist)

On completion of CPEC Pakistani Economy would rapidly progress. (Mr. Ovais Director Center of Excellence PIM)


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