Karachi International Book Fair

Book lovers throng Expo Centre on Karachi International Book Fair third day

KARACHI – The developments in the new millennium have forced societies to open up the accumulations of knowledge obtained not only in the fields of industry and technology, but also in the fields of culture, art, though, and science to the outside world and to transform them into a common legacy of universal culture. 
In recent years, the private sector and even the governments have made radical changes to the understanding of book fair organization: fairs are not only book exhibits anymore. When we think of how important the marketing activities are in today’s book fairs, international book fairs are very important forums for publishers to promote their sector in the most effective way and to market their rights. 
In the backdrop of all these developments and vision, the Karachi International Book Fair is the premier event of its kind in Pakistan. This event has been organized by Pakistan Publishers and Booksellers Association since 2005 in collaboration with National Book Foundation. 
KIBF provides an excellent platform for forward looking organizations both from the public and private sectors to show their commitment to increasing literacy, education levels, and cultural awareness in Pakistan. KIBF helps promote reading culture in an effective manner and is being instrumental in: 
• Promoting and creating an enabling environment for developing exchange and partnerships in the spheres of creation, publishing, distribution, and fostering contacts between professionals in the book sector both on the national and international levels. 
• Reinforcing the event’s international vocation and its openness on the world by widening the participation of more countries. 
• Significantly increasing Pakistan’s participation in the renowned international book fairs i.e. Frankfurt, Delhi, Abu Dhabi etc. and also encourage the international community to participate in Karachi and Lahore International Book Fairs because: 
o such events are not just book exhibits anymore but are effective forums of presenting Pakistan with all its true coloursi.e traditions, foods, dresses etc. 
o such events increase familiarity- making people think about the  country and updating their image of it. 
o Increase appreciation- creating positive perceptions of the country and getting others to see issues from your perspective. 
o Influence people’s behaviour- getting companies to invest, encouraging public support for the country’s positions, and convincing politicians to turn to it as an ally. 
KIBF is on its way to become a pioneering intellectual and cultural event that will aim to introduce new books, publications, and translated versions. The 14th addition of KIBF isbybebing held at Karachi Expo Centre and will attract pioneers of thought, literature, poetry, culture, and publishing. KIBF will add professional program including seminars dedicated to publishers, distributors, booksellers, translators, and the public.