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Trending searches on google Pakistan in 2018

KARACHI – Google today published its annual search year in Pakistan, which looks back at 2018 through the collective eyes of searches on It offers a unique perspective on the year’s major events, top competitions, top newsmakers, top personalities, hottest trends and top movies categorized under three sections as; Searches, People and Movies.

Visit to explore the Google Search Year 2018 in Pakistan. You can not only see the list of top searches, but in addition it also shows the timeline, regions and related searches of every tag through its Google Search insight tool.

What is Google’s Year in Search?Google reveals the Internet’s spirit of the times through an exploration of the over one trillion search queries we receive each year. In addition to year end Searches, which highlights the top trends of 2018, we also have several tools that give insight into global, regional, past and present search trends. Google Search tools can never be used to identify individual users because we rely on anonymized, aggregated counts of how often certain search queries occur over time. These tools are available year-round for you to play with, explore, and learn from at