Pepsi Battle of the Bands – Pakistan Tour all set to impress the nation

KARACHI  – Pepsi Battle of the Bands – Pakistan Tour is a countrywide band tour featuring the most loved bands from Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 2 and 3. The program kicks off from Islamabad on Nov 10, with an impressive band line up of emerging Pakistani talent from Pepsi Battle of the Bands, featuring Bayaan, Xarb, Tamasha, Déjà vu, and Jasim & The Pindi Boys! With the upcoming events lined up in Karachi, Lahore, Multan Faisalabad, and over 10 bands performing for a diverse national audience, the Pepsi Battle of the Bands – Pakistan Tour is ready to set the Pakistani music scene ablaze with fresh, original music to be enjoyed live and unplugged!

Pepsi Battle of the Bands is Pakistan’s biggest music platform for upcoming talent in music. Each year, Pepsi continues to search for great local music talent from across Pakistan and brings together the top bands to join in an epic musical battle that uncovers a wealth of local talented bands and great music. In 2018 alone, 400+ independent bands applied for auditions to be part of auditioned for the Season 3 of the Program. Developing a reputation as the curator of fresh and original music in Pakistan, Pepsi Battle of the Bands holds a credible record in discovering great Pakistani talent over the years. Since its first season, Pepsi Battle of the Bands provided a strong platform to kick start careers for iconic bands like Aaroh, Entity Paradigm, Mekaal Hassan Band, and more recently adding Kashmir, Bayaan, Xarb, and Tamaasha to this ever growing list!

The platform of Pepsi Battle of the Bands has revolutionized the music industry by bringing new bands to the stage and giving them a chance to showcase their musical talents. Belting out hit after hit, Pepsi Battle of the Bands has not only brought new and exciting music to the scene but has also brought the best bands in the country together on one stage to battle it out! Pepsi Battle of the Bands – Pakistan tour is another step to keeping the audience engaged and inspiring more bands to truly live their music dream.

About the Bands


Bayaan is the latest to join the list of Pepsi Battle of the Bands winners, following Aaroh and Kashmir. Bayaan perfectly embodies the band’s ideology of stating and describing human experiences and emotions and how they are reflected in different situations of life. Bayaan tries not to confine itself to any specific style or genre of music, endeavoring instead to explore a new musical and lyrical direction with every composition. Till now, the band’s music has seen a range of genres including pop, ambient rock, progressive and alternative.

Line Up: Asfar Hussain (Vocals), Haider Abbas (Bass), Shahrukh Aslam (Guitars), Muqueet Shahzad (Guitars), Mansoor Lashari (Drums)


Xarb is a Lahore-based five-member rock band whose sound is shaped by many varying influences from classic rock and blues to eastern semi-classical and qawali music. Xarb is driven by an urge to tell stories through their music; stories that reflect the experiences, feelings and ideas of a new generation.

Line Up: Qamar Parvi (Vocals), Saud Anver (Guitars), Mobeen Zahid (Guitars), Shayan Ahmed (Bass), Shahzeb Khan (Drums)