Govt weighing numerous choices to steer country out of economic crisis: PM

Lahore: The Prime Minister Imran Khan says Pakistan is endowed with huge potential which may be exploited by smart governance and eradicating the corruption.

Talking to media he said the massive loans taken by the previous governments have indebted the country to such an extent where levying of taxes and consequent inflation became inevitable.

The prime minister said it’s a challenging time today, however the country can take off of this.

PTI government is in the process of policy making and bringing reforms altogether sectors whose impacts will be visible to people once 100 days of our government.

Referring to contraband money of Pakistanis stashed abroad, the Prime Minister said properties of 10 thousand Pakistanis in foreign countries ar being investigated to ascertain whether or not they were acquired through legal sources of money.

He said Pakistanis bought properties price 900 billion rupees in Dubai alone throughout the last 5 years. He said notices are sent to three hundred folks to inquire the sources of their financial gain.

Imran Khan said even within the country seventy bank accounts are known wherever illegal money transactions befell. He said government is in touch with authorities in GB, Dubai and Switzerland to urge the data concerning the folks that have placed their money and bought properties there.

The prime minister said

Overall debt of Asian nation was 6000 billion rupees a decade past, that reached to 15000 billion rupees after the end of ppp government. The loan soared to a staggering 28000 billion rupees once the last government completed its term.

He said external debt has inflated from sixty billion greenbacks to ninety five billion dollars whereas current account deficit that was 2 billion dollars in 2013, is now sixteen billion dollars.

The prime minister said the loans of public sector enterprises have reached to an alarming situation. He said circular debt is reaching an alarming figure of 1200 billion rupees while the deficit of gas sector is 157 billion rupees.

Pakistan Steel Mills which is out of production is under heavy loan of 187 billion rupees whereas Pakistan Railways is below a debt of thirty seven billion rupees. The national carrier pia is under debt burden of 360 billion rupees.He said

The prime minister said anti-encroachment drive of the government has succeeded in retrieving thousands of kanals of state land from land mafia. He said 4547 kanals of land in islamabad has been recovered worth 200 to 300 billion rupees. In Punjab, 2000 acres of land has been retrieved, out of that 2400 kanals was occupied by a politician.

He said the government will shortly bring witness protection law to supply protection to those who identify such encroachments.

Replying to a question, the Prime Minister aforesaid the upcoming regime system can empower folks at the village level. He said initial village level elections will be held and then direct elections at Tehsil level will be conducted.

Imran Khan reiterated that operation against corruption will continue with full force. He aforesaid National accountability Bureau is an independent institution and pursuing the corrupt elements with impunity.

He Said the

opposition making hue and cry over the arrest of PML-N leader should understand that he’s facing corruption cases that were made throughout the tenure of last government and incumbent government does not believe in victimization of political opponents.

He said billions of rupees are siphoned off from the national monetary resource and law will take its course to recover these.

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