ECP postpones election at NA-60 Rawalpindi-IV

ISLAMABAD, July 22 (APP):Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Sunday postponed the election in NA-60 Rawalpindi-IV and said that the election on said constituency will be conducted after the scheduled general
elections, along with other postponed elections in the country.
According to an official of ECP, as only two days are left to the conduct of the poll when Hanif Abbasi, a potential candidate from NA-60 Rawalpind-IV has been disqualified which has resulted into
heated debate in the media and political circles rendering the atmosphere as
fully and negatively charged.
He added “serious criticism is
afloat qua the provision of level playing field in the general elections, 2018.”
The official said the ECP having taken
cognizance of all the attending circumstances was bound to provide level
playing to the contestants, under the constitution and the law, particularly
section 4 of Election Act, 2017 read with Article 218(3) of the construction
and the power of the commission defined by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in
famous Workers Party case and further in order to do complete justice between
the contestants and the parties.
He said that the commission had issued comprehensive election schedule in response whereto all the political parties as well as independent candidates had joined political arena and the political
process had completely reached the final stage, including the printing of
ballot papers etc.