Book Launching Ceremony of Saqi’s Japan Edition held at the Consulate-General of Japan

KARACHI – Consulate-General of Japan in Karachi and Pakistan Japan Literature Forum (PJLF) held book launching ceremony of the Saqi’s Japan Edition at the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC).

The book titled in Urdu, Saqi’s Japan Edition (Contemporary Japanese Short stories) is a translation of some of the best Japanese fiction that has been written over the past. The translation of this unique work of fiction has been done by the Urdu’s renowned translator Mr. Shahid Ahmed Dehlvi, a popular writer known for his chaste and elegant Urdu. Saqi’s Japan Edition was launched in Delhi in 1936, grew quickly in stature and popularity and was later launched in Karachi. It was a popular literary journal of Urdu along with other leading contemporaries of its times. One of the reasons for publishing special issue on Japan was that in the early 20th century Japan was one of the few Asian countries making rapid progress in the fields of education and technology.

The articles were handwritten by calligraphers for 1936 edition, but this time it has been compiled on computer, with the black-and-white photographs included in the first edition being reproduced by Mr. Khurram Sohail, a young journalist, researcher and writer from Karachi. The issue includes articles on Japan’s literary values, social life, political ideas and other aspects of life in Japan.

The speakers highlighted the importance of this translation and re-print fiction, and said it would surely enhance a better understanding of Japanese thoughts on life and living and its perception amongst the Pakistani readership.

Mr. Isomura praised the work and informed the august gathering that the translation and re-print work gives a bird’s eye view of the Japanese culture and lifestyle to the Pakistani reader in Urdu language. He hoped that it would enhance mutual ties between the two nations and pave the way ahead for cultural know-how.

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