BOL news anchor Mureed Abbas Killed in Karachi

KARACHI – BOL news anchor Mureed Abbas has been killed in a firing incident.The incident took place in defense area of Karachi.

According to hospital sources, Mureed Abbas suffered bullet wounds on the chest and abdomen.

SSP South Sheraz Nazir has said that the incident looks the case of personal enmity. According to SSP, the gunmen named Atif after killing BOL anchor Mureed Abbas fled the scene and later shot himself. Atif is currently being treated in hospital.

The wife of martyr BOL anchor Mureed Abbas also shared details about Atif (gunmen) saying, Atif called her husband to meet around 8pm. Atif had business of tyres and Mureed was an investor in his business. Atif took money from many people.

According to sources three other people have also been killed in the incident.


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