Army to act strictly under the instructions of ECP: ISPR

ISLAMABAD: “Pak army has nothing to do with the election process but to act strictly under the instruction of Election Commission and to maintain law and order situation only”.

This was told by DG Inter Services Public relations (ISPR)Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor to the meeting of the standing committee on Interior Affairs on Thursday. The meeting  was held under the chairmanship of Senator Rehman Malik in the Parliament House.

DG ISPR Gen Ghafoor briefed the senate standing committee in detail about the arrangements made by army deputed to conduct election peacefully.. He added while explaining the committee that in this connection  some 371,000 troops would  be deputed on polling stations across the country. He told the committee that army is also responsible for the security of printing presses where the ballot papers are being published .

DG ISPR said that it is an honour for him to turn up in this house and talk about the burning issues.

Standing committee told that NECTA has issued 65 threat alerts from Mar 05th to date. There is no exception to any political party as far as the security threats are concerned.
Standing committee expressed its grave concern over the absence of the IG Punjab and Secretary Interior Punjab.

Standing committee was told that deceased minor girls in Cholistan were subjected to sexual abuse. Committee has summoned IG Punjab and DG FIA, DPO Bahawalnagar and DCO Bahawalnagar for explanation of the outrageous incident.

Committee was also told that total 1.6 million employees will perform election duty on the day.

Secretary Election commission told the committee that their staff in Baluchistan has been provided with appropriate security. He continued stating that there are more or less twenty thousand police stations which have been declared as “sensitive”. He said that “we are thankful to Pak army for extending its complete cooperation” . The provinces have been asked to install CCTV camera when and where required, he added.

Secretary Election Commission said that on the eve of election security hazards exist and in some part of the country election staff is threatened and forcefully refrained from performing election duty. Protection and safety of election staff is a big challenge. In view of the security threats more than four lac police officials and three lac army soldiers will be deputed to cater any untoward incident or acts of terror.

Chairman Standing Committee, Rehman Malik asserted that Afghanistan Intelligence Agency, with the connivance of India always take active part in terrorist activities in Pakistan.  He told the committee that the head of ISIS Khalid Kharasani and the new head of TTP Noor Wali are present in Afghanistan and posed a question “Did the government hold talks with Afghanistan for handing over these two terrorist to Pakistan?  Rehman Malik expressed is apprehension in the meeting that Afghanistan can be used for terrorist activities in Pakistan during election.

Rehman Malik further said that some of the TV channels are in operation without license and PEMRA should take action against such channels immediately.

Rehman Malik also commended the brave SHaUDA of Pak Army and said that nation regards the role of Pak army highest for organizing the election peaceful. He said that Masood a new head of TTP is harder and more dangerous than Mullah Fazal Ullah.
Senator Saadia Abbasi told the committee that Punjab police has registered more than 17 thousand cases of heinous crimes. She said that under the pretext of security threats the candidates are being kept away from campaigning in their constituencies.

Standing Committee was also briefed by the Sind, Punjab, Baluchistan and KPK police.bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb