Zainab’s murderer should be hanged publicly, father appeals to Court

Lahore: Zainab’s father, Amin Ansari filed yet another appeal in the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Saturday requesting the public hanging of his daughter’s killer.

Ansari has argued that convict Imran Ali, can be hanged publicly under the Section 22 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997, which allows the government to “specify the manner, mode and place of execution of any sentence passed under this Act having regard to the deterrent effect which such execution is likely to have”.

“The purpose and objective behind the incorporation section (sic) is very much clear,” the appeal says. “… The murderer of Zainab should be given exemplary punishment so as to avoid any such tragedy in future, God forbid,”

It added: “The statutory violation of Section 22 of ATA 1997 cannot be allowed … under the Constitution of Pakistan [and] hence calls for the interference of this honourable court.”

A two-member LHC bench, comprising Justice Sardar Shamim Ahmed and Justice Shehbaz Rizvi, will hear the appeal on Oct 15.

7 years old zainab was kidnapped from outside her home, raped and murdered in Qasur, Pakistan. Her body was found among the piles of heap.

Shahbaz Sharif announced the arrest of a suspect, Imran Ali, in a press conference on 23 January 2018. He confirmed that the DNA and polygraph test of the suspect that matched with the samples with least eight minor girls, including Zainab, raped and murdered in within the same neighbourhood and that the suspect is a serial killer.

Imran Ali is a 24-year-old mechanic who lived in Zainab’s neighbourhood. He had even taken part in protests against Zainab’s murder.

Imran Ali has confessed to his crimes. Imran, who was awarded 21 death sentences in the case, will be executed on October 17.