The Donkey King:Finally an Animation Film That Is For Children & Children at Heart!

KFC Pakistan held the celebrity junket of the upcoming movie, The Donkey King. The animated film has been produced by Talisman Animation Studios and Geo Films with KFC Pakistan as one of its prestigious brand partners.

The media junket held at one of the KFC restaurants drew the cast and crew for the movie who interacted with media and shed light on how Donkey King is a promising film for all ages, and will appeal to both children and children at heart.

KFC Pakistan has played an instrumental role in nurturing and promoting the Pakistani cinema in the past two years and this animated movie is another feather in its cap. While KFC Pakistan has partnered with various movies, including Lahore se Aagey, ChupanChupai,Parwaz-e-Junoon etc. which have proved to be a tremendous success in the past, this is the first time KFC has sponsored an animated movie and is positive it is not only a great value addition to our entertainment industry but also takes us a notch up on the animation front. KFC will also be giving out Donkey King toys with its Chicky Meal as a limited time promotion.

The maker, Aziz Jindani, shares his views and states, “Donkey King is an attempt to redefine the animation film genre in Pakistan. The strongest point of The Donkey King is its unique, locally relevant storyline, tongue & cheek dialogues and characters that are built to last. The content speaks to the kids but consistently winks at the adult which will make it a worthwhile watch for all age groups.”

If the storyline itself wasn’t all consuming in itself, the visuals and voiceover appear to be of international standard and is all set to reshape what audience can expect from animated genre in Pakistan.