Ready to open Kartarpur border with India despite tensions: Fawad

ISLAMABAD: info Minister Fawad Chaudhry has said Asian country remains willing to open Kartarpur border gap with India despite tensions straining ties between capital of Pakistan and New Dehli.

In an interview to Associate in Nursing Indian media outlet over phonephone, the minister said: “War and ill will aren’t the solutions of any conflict.”

He reiterated the PTI government’s resolve to open Kartarpur border with India for Sikh pilgrims.

The Jammu and Kashmir issue is that the bone of contention between pakistan and India, Fawad maintained and was of the read that there’s a scenario of political turmoil within the internal politics of india.

A day earlier, the federal minister had said Indian government was creating statements against pakistan to divert attention from a corruption scandal targeting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He aforementioned that Asian country rejected war mongering by the ruling elite that was an attempt to bail out Modi from necessitate resignation amid a mega corruption scandal and necessitate his resignations.

“We reject war mongering by ruling elite of India everybody know Indian Govt strategy is to use hate mongering against Pak basically to bail Pm Modi from demand resignation post French jets Rafael deal and divert attention of Indian public from this mega corruption scandal,” said the minister.