Pleading the Case of Pakistan

Dr. Gholam Mujtaba is actively engaged in pleading Pakistan’s case before the members of the Congress, and higher echelon of the United States leadership. He foresees economic crunch in Pakistan, and would use his track-2 diplomacy to avert such a catastrophe, an outcome of the oligarchy’s own making.

However, he feels that his note of dissent should not divulge matters of national significance, and would try his best to rescue Pakistan from an impending tribulation.

Pakistan’s significance for the United States global objectives were discussed in meetings with Senator Tony Bucco, Assemblyman Anthony Bucco, former Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey Kimberly Ann Guadagno, Congressman Tom McArther, Congressman Ron Estes, Windy Papetti (President Trump’s inner circle team), Douglas J. Steinhardt State Chairman of the Republican Party, Congressman Jay Webber and many others.

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