Junaid Khan Spends World Cancer Day with Patients at Indus Hospital

KARACHI – On this World Cancer Day, singer and actor Junaid Khan visited Indus Hospital Karachi and spent the day interacting with young cancer patients, offering his love and support to the kids.

A few weeks after the teaser release of his big-screen debut “Kahay Dil Jidhar”, the star was seen at the charity hospital with young patients battling cancer bravely.

“As heartbreaking, it is to see these kids going through this, I gather so much strength when I watch them fighting and still smiling. Indus hospital has been working to provide these kids with the best care- and every little contribution count. So this World Cancer Day, I would urge you all to donate for this cause, because these kids need all our support, “

said Junaid Khan, talking about why these kinds of visits are important to him.

  • Junaid Khan

This is not the first time that the actor has surprised the young patients, as he has been regular with his visits. Currently garnering praise for his unconventional role in Mohabbat Na Kariyo, the renowned star has stayed in the limelight throughout his career in the industry for both his music and acting.

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