Business community highly optimistic about PTI

Islamabad: The business community has lauded the PTI leadership for nominating a known businesswoman as MPA Punjab Assembly.

They hoped that all the efforts would be undertaken to make women empowered which is imperative for the rapid national development.

In a joint statement issued here today, President of IWCCI Reem Abbasi, former presidents of IWCCI Samina Fazil, Farida Rashid, Alia Ikram, Mrs. Raja, former VP of FPCCI Naima Ansari, VP FPCCI Karim Aziz Malik and others congratulated former president of IWCCI Shamim Aftab on her nomination as MPA.

Ms. Aftab is well aware of the problems of women and she would be able to play a good role in the resolution of their problems and their much-needed empowerment, they said.

The business leaders said that they have pinned high hopes on PTI as the party will put the country on the path of progress.

They said that business community trusts that PTI will do its best to empower women and Pakistan will be a changed country.

Former VP of FPCCI Naima Ansari said that women can play a very important role if they are not neglected and given a chance to prove their abilities, they said, adding that banks should be directed to give loans to women on concessionary rates and accept movable their assets as collateral.

She said that the credit rating of banks should be linked to loans forwarded to women entrepreneurs so that more and more women can play their role in national development.