Beyond Beautiful Day 2

Beyond Beautiful Day 2 Focuses On The Real Agenda Of Beauty In Today’s World!

KARACHI – Beyond Beautiful, which needs no introduction now, proved to be an all-inclusive event for beauty. With the Gala Night honoring the people who have changed and defined what being beyond beautiful means to day 1, which was all about finding the right products for your skin & having some fun, the day 2 was definitely the grand closing we expected from the event of this stature. The last day of the event was all about exploring beauty in-depth and understanding the real version of it. With masterclass and thought-provoking talks, BB Day 2 managed to change perceptions and create a buzz.

The day opened with a Makeup Masterclass by Zeena Feygina, who is an internationally acclaimed Makeup trainer and a creative director, and the opening couldn’t have been better. She explored makeup techniques that would enhance the natural beauty and features without igniting the need to suppress them. Her makeup was all about being confident in your own skin and highlighting both your perfections and imperfections, which was the agenda of the entire event. Next up was a Cover shoot Masterclass by Nabila, which had the audience already in intense anticipation. Once again, after day 1, Nabila’s explanatory style and the way she conversed and made Cover shoot makeup accessible for all was beyond genius. Sabs and Lakme also partnered together for a makeup Masterclass and Saba Ansari’s fluid and easy-going style kept the audience in a grip. Not to forget, this was for the very first time that the renowned transgender activist Kami Sid graced the ramp and it wasn’t less than any other supermodel out there. Definitely another feather to Beyond Beautiful’s cap.

Then came the panel discussions, which were the most important part of the evening and represented the true ideology behind Beyond Beautiful. Starting with ‘My Face, My Body, My Choice’, this discussion was chaired by Salima Feerasta and included, famed Plastic surgeon-cum-actor Fahad Mirza and a woman who is an army on her own, Mussarat Misbah. This discussion was quite elaborate and focused on getting rid of unwanted societal pressure as far as the bodily standards are concerned.

The next topic was, ‘Social Media and its Impact on the Perception of Beauty’, chaired by Aamna Isaani alongside Alia Fawad from ITP Dubai, actress Mawra Hocane, general pediatrician Kishwar Enam, and Dubai based beauty blogger Manal Muffin. All of the panelists were of the view that the media has changed the way people view beauty and perceive it. The incessant unethical brand enforcement has also led kids to be affected by the glamorization that’s become an unrealistic part of our life due to social media. Mawra and Manal both emphasized that with the public image they have, they often become a victim of the trolls who think it is their responsibility to judge them on everything they do.

The third topic of the session focused on ‘Masculinity In 21st Century’ and it was the first time that men and mental health were prominently put out in the open. Chaired by Humna alongside the actor & director Adnan Malik, comedian Shehzad Ghias, the conversation was all about the millennial men and their mental health – the topic that is very easily shoved under the rug. It could just as easily be the highlight of the event, because men have never been discussed under such scrutiny before and that too in perspectives of beauty.

The final discussion was on ‘Wellness, Nutrition & Exercise’, chaired by Maliha Rehman along with the famed activist Shaniera Akram, CORE founder Sheema Sultan, Conatural’s co-owner Myra Qureshi and the nutritionist Amna Mujib. The focus of the discussion was organic and natural diet and all the ways through which wellness and fitness can be achieved without chemicals and harmful elements.

Catwalk launched Beyond Beautiful Awards & Expo for the first time this year under its initiative Catwalk Cares, which aims to empower beauty and education by sharing the life-changing techniques and giving out self-grooming sessions and scholarships to those who deserve.

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