WATCH: Mission Impossible: Fallout Trailer

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch Mission Impossible: Fallout and not get swept away by the old school, over-the-top spy chaos.


Should you choose to accept this mission, you’ll join Tom Cruise as he confidently returns to the role of Ethan Hunt, indestructible secret agent. Someone’s stolen some plutonium and Hunt has to round up his chums in the Impossible Mission Force for more death-defying, gravity-defying and, frankly, common sense-defying action scenes. A lot of movies are referred to as rollercoaster rides, but in this case it barely seems like a metaphor: very few films throw its stars and audiences around quite so much as the Mission: Impossible series and this sixth outing is no exception.

As cutting-edge as the stuntwork is, the word “Fallout” seems like a faintly quaint title. This oddly dusty term evokes the nuclear paranoia of the Cold War rather than the more modern preoccupation with devious data and sinister surveillance often seen in today’s espionage thrillers. And Mission: Impossible – Fallout does have a certain old school feel to it. The story begins in Belfast and Berlin, two cities that have put their troubled pasts as geopolitical hotspots of skullduggery behind them. The bad guys wear moustaches and impeccable three-piece suits. And the implausible high-tech gadgetry is kept to a minimum — even the iconic introductory tape comes hidden in a book.