K Electric

Power supply to the city restored to routine levels after brief interruption

Karachi: Power supply to the city has been restored to routine levels after a brief interruption following tripping in transmission line of national grid.

The sudden disruption in supply to city from the national grid had a rollover effect on local circuits serving Karachi. Power was restored promptly by the National grid whereas K-Electric’s plants landed safely in ‘Island Mode’ that helped catalyze the restoration process and most of the affected areas were restored swiftly. The power utility maintained close coordination with the concerned authorities during this time.

According to KE Spokesperson,

“Continuous investments and upgrades in the system have resulted in greater network resilience and turnaround efficiency to ensure system stability and faster restoration. KE has invested over US$ 2 billion since 2009 across the entire value chain whereas around US$ 500 million was invested alone to expand and rehabilitate its transmission network. Moreover, a US$ 450 million Transmission Enhancement Project (TP-1000) is also underway to further enhance the transformation capacity and improve reliability of power supply.”

KE regrets the inconvenience caused to its valued customers and appreciates their cooperation during this time.