PM calls for taking bilateral trade b/w Pakistan, Turkey to new heights

ANKARA – Prime Minister Imran Khan says it is time for Pakistan and Turkey to take their bilateral trade to new heights.

Addressing Turkish businessmen at a business forum in Ankara, he said Pakistan has an ideal geo-strategic location and huge potential for investment in infrastructure and tourism.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan is fixing its governance system and bringing ease of doing business and cutting its costs.

He assured the Turkish investors that under redefined policies, the government would allow the investors to make money.

Imran Khan said Pakistan is also embarking on a gigantic project to build five million housing units and Turkish construction companies are welcome to invest in it.

He said Special Economic Zones being developed with China under Belt and Road Initiative is another great opportunity to invest.

He said both countries should start working to benefit from the huge opportunities coming out of BRI as it would connect those parts of the world which have no or less connectivity.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan has also huge reserves of oil, gas, copper and coal which have not yet been explored.