Farooq Sattar visited Gradsy Institute

KARACHI – Mr. Farooq Sattar visited Gradsy Institute and he is a very orator inspired the students and audience. He gave direction to students to get the goal and to make Pakistan a country of gentlemen. He focused on the vitals and economic indicators of Pakistan.

He said in the election of mayor we expect young people will be preferred and he stressed youth to give the vote to young people without making the distinction of political affiliations. He said Mustafa Kamal became mayor when he was 33 and when I became mayor I was just 27. We both did maximum and went beyond compass for the development of the city.

Mr. Anjum Nisar was invited as Chief Guest, Dr. Farooq presented Gold Medal to him on behalf of the Institute. Late Mother of Mr. Anjum Nisar and wife Mrs. Anjum Nisar were also blessed with a certificate of Pride of performance. Mrs. Nazia Anjum received Pride of Performance by the hands of Dr. Farooq Sattar and Mr. Sameer Mir Sheikh. Mrs. Nazia Anjum said the secret of success behind Mr. Anjum Nisar is the prayer of his parents particularly his mother. Mr. Anjum gave a detailed speech on the economy of Pakistan. He compared Pakistan with Vietnam, Finland, Netherland, Singapore and other countries that have grown up rapidly. He gave the example of Germany and Japan, he told youth the areas where potential is present, he told teachers to teach them the topic of entrepreneurship so maximum students after passing start their own business.

Mr. Samir Sheikh Senior Politician PPP encouraged and appreciated Gradsy a lot and request Mr. Anjum Niisar to support Gradsy as he said he is witnessed that the Management of the Institute particularly Mr. Zakir Ahmed is working 24/7 for students. He said Zakir left UK and Dubai just for the youth.

 Young Urdu Poet Ms. Neil Ahmed blessed the audience with his poetry. Mohsin Rizvi producer of Drama Nadan Nadia, Nagaa Paoun, Chand Girhin, and Kahshkool appreciated Gradsy and he said I met students and I am highly impressed with the education system of Gradsy, he said business community must support gradsy, he admired Mr. Zakir (Chairman Gradsy) a lot and gave shield to Dr. Farooq Sattar and to Samir Mir Sheikh.

Mr. Yaqoob sultan was given a souvenir for his remarkable success, Zakir said our students are working at the top level and he appreciated Mr. Yakoob working at AKD Investment as Chief Operating Officer, Yakoob’s Mother and wife both were happy and the souvenir was given to Yakoob by his mother and wife.

Chairman Zakir said I will give better education to my students and I have no doubt one day Pakistan will become the most prosperous country. He thanked all the guests and students.

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