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Extreme hot weather to bake Karachi during next three days

Karachi: Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Saturday predicted that the city is expected to face extreme weather conditions till Sunday, due to the halt in sea breeze and change in wind direction.

According to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the city’s temperature on Friday was recorded at 38 degrees Centigrade which is likely to raise till Sunday.  

“The trend is likely to continue for the next two to three days and in the daytime the temperature could touch 39 degrees Centigrade. However, there is no threat of heatwave, neither any such advisory has been issued by the Met office. We keep all institutions concerned updated of the weather trend and the same is conveyed to all relevant authorities,” said Abdul Rasheed, director of Met office.

Few days earlier, weather experts cautioned that 2019 is likely to be the hottest year since 2015.