Dr. Pervez Hood bhy

Our Medicine has changed but not Attitude: Dr. Pervez Hood bhy

KARACHI – Prominent Scholar Dr. Pervez Hood bhy said that we have to adopt the international education system that is free of narrow mindedness and discrimination. The education system here in Pakistan does not fit to the levels that are practiced round the world. We have to cut through all the backward theories and principles that are ruining our education standards. He said while speaking to the audience in a Guest Speaker Session at Arag Auditorium of Dow University of Health Sciences. The Vice Chancellor

 Of Dow University Prof. Mohammed Saeed Quraishy, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kartar Dawani, Vice Principal of Dow Medical College Associate Prof. Shumaila Khalid, Prof. Khalid Shafi with senior faculty members and a large number of students were present at the session.

He said that people who have acquired education through current education system of Pakistan does not fit with the global standards of education. However, people from the neighboring countries like Iran and Bangladesh match with the global mindset and their standards. He said that Pakistani society needs to reconstruct from the beginning.

The education system in our country does not nurture the research abilities of the students. There is no such renowned PhD student who belongs to Pakistan while there are many PhDs who are renowned for their work but belongs to different countries like India and Bangladesh. He further added that our education system has been suffering from discrimination at mass level due to which we are producing graduates with no knowledge. Pakistan even has many intelligent personalities but there is no platform to practice their knowledge and skills of research. A little boy who learned calculus from distinctive leaning by himself while he learnt in twenty year. All in all, the research system here in Pakistan is such that the mind is not capable to think genius.

He added that buildings like Taj Mahal had been constructed in the great Mughal Empire but the point here to be noted is that there were no universities to teach them this skill. From the 9th century till 13th century A.D., there had been many scientists; people used to come to the subcontinent to learn from them but no progress can be seen in this regard after then. After the establishment of Pakistan, the country produced no scientist and still, the education system here is not able to do so.

Pervez Hoodbhoy said that the discrimination between poor and elite class has brought about many problems. This was the thinking of the people in old British times which is still prevailing within the minds of Pakistanis. This issue needs special consideration. He emphasized that health and education sectors should practice the system of equality. Double standard education system has made the development and growth of the country stagnant. The audience appreciated him with standing ovation and rounds of applause.