Young World

DAWN’s magazine, “Young World” is mostly fancied by children, seldom by adults.

However, considered to be a children’s magazine because of its paper size and the word “Young” mentioned in its name, this publication comprises articles and features pertaining to a wide range of well-researched, investigative topics, factual and in-depth articles on science and technology, sports, literature, culture, world history, astronomy, nature, geography and so on. 

The content of Young World, be it articles, features or stories, is so invigorating and inspiring, anyone having the slightest flair of becoming a reader will be hooked to the magazine and to the information it offers. Whether stories, in-depth analysis of sporting events, interesting history of the world or fact-based write-ups on people and places, Young World is read by students of school and colleges. 

It is a false notion only children contribute to Young World. BBA and MBA students along with expert professionals have also  been contributing to this magazine indeed.

It is earnestly and humbly suggested that we should inculcate among our students the habit of reading Young World for it offers such research-based articles written in simple vocabulary with loads of information. Yes, reading biographies is important, however, the attention span of students is not much as they cannot devour the content presented in these biographies comprising hundreds of pages, which often time become a dry read. However, one edition of Young World can be read in one sitting which will broaden the mental horizons of our students whereby encouraging them to become readers.     

Among the many hundreds of contributors who have contributed to Young World include Arif Ali Abbasi, Yasmin Elahi, Maryam Murtaza Sadriwala, Omar Iftikhar, Parvez Jamil and alike.

A contributor to Young World is Mr. Arif Ali Abbasi, professional astronomer and a former head of PIA Planetaria, has been penning articles on astronomy, space, solar system, the galaxies and beyond the stars.

Ms. Yasmin Elahi is a name which children and the youth know because of her contributions to Daily Dawn’s Young World. According to her blog ( she has been writing for Daily Dawn’s Young World since 2006. As per her Facebook profile, ( she is a homemaker, mother, and grandmother which shows anyone with a passion to write can be a writer no matter what age!

Ms. Maryam Murtaza Sadriwala, who completed her Masters in Mass Communication in 2001, has been contributing articles to Young World since 2000 on various research-based topics, according to her profile at Linkedin ( Currently, she is Head of Section-Secondary, Badri High School, Karachi. She is also Co-Founder of The Literary Society at the Department of Mass Communication, KU and Editor of the school magazine (The Mamaian) and English Literary Secretary of Students Council, Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School.

Mr. Omar Iftikhar, IoBM alumnus while pursuing his BBA and MBA studies at IoBM, has been an avid reader of “Young World” and contributed research-based articles in this magazine with topics pertaining to science and technology, sports, communication, etc.

Mr. Parvez Jamil has been contributing articles to Young World Dawn under the title “Uncle PJ Calling” (Google please) where he has humbly discussed in simple words many aspects of life, studies and career influencing youth and that he has been receiving good feedback from youth all over Pakistan. 

Children’s book reviews provide insightful details into interesting stories and the author’s take on the narrative accordingly.  Young World publishes book reviews pertaining to children’s information, interests and motivations.

Such magazines for the young, besides the Young World of “Daily Dawn”, read with interest by adolescents and adults alike, including US Magazine of “The News” and Young Nation of “The Nation”. Besides adolescent contributors with typical children’s contents, worthy adults, including seasoned professionals, contribute wide and varied articles on arts, sports, culture, travel, tourism, education, health, corporate sector, science and technology, social issues, entertainment and so on.

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