Young World

DAWN’s magazine, “Young World” is mostly fancied by children, seldom by adults.

However, considered to be a children’s magazine because of its paper size and the word “Young” mentioned in its name, this publication comprises articles and features pertaining to a wide range of well-researched, investigative topics, factual and in-depth articles on science and technology, sports, literature, culture, world history, astronomy, nature, geography and so on.  The […]


Unlocking the gems of Pakistan

Felicitating Pakistan and Pakistanis on the auspicious commemoration of our Independence Day is important indeed. But  what is vital is tapping our brightest jewels on this highly-blessed occasion towards a better and brighter Pakistan.  Pakistan is indeed a dream-come-true reality of our beloved poet of the east, Allama Iqbal,  the accomplishment of exemplary statesmanship of […]


From leadership to statesmanship

So much has been said and done on and by leaders and leadership with imminent results that call for something beyond repetition and monotony. As political leadership is commonly understood as the ability of the government and opposition to guide and support the vote bank to cherished results, in practical reality it is a different […]


Vibes of VIM dawn over Pakistan

Imagine vibes of VIM (Vision, Insight, Magnanimity) excellence dawn over national and corporate horizon with grace, dignity and honor. This is the ecstatic aura of Late Shahjehan Syed Karim (SSK), Founder President of IoBM enlightening with spell-binding simplicity and sincerity blended with miracle educational and professional solutions to tough and tedious concerns of students, faculty, management, […]


Crisis Management in National Cricket

By Parvez Jamil It’s merely sweet dreams for our cricket chief selector, coach, captain and stars to be lost in the utopia of current world level outings. In fact, it is all sour reality of their ever repeated blunders that continue to daunt and haunt our cricket passionately engrossed nation. Amid chocked ears and closed eyes, […]


Sweet dreams, sour realities

Amid chocked ears and closed eyes, men at the helm ot our crlcket affairs, as mentioned, are such strangers to reality that lessons are never learnt as history of failures repeats over and over again. Weak reflex action, lack of physical fitness and non-commital attitude glaringly expose our fielding loopholes to crashing defeats over and […]


Curtain-Raiser to a Success Story

Heads bow in gratitude before Almighty Allah and sharing in deep humility with the world at large is that a simple little ordinary teacher like me may be at sheer loss of words but oozing with feelings of purity, love, affection, sentiments and wishes for all my rocketing students, very specially, truly centrally and most […]


Reality check on Pakistan Day

Year-after-year, MashaAllah, we commemorate Pakistan Day with vim, vigor and vitality.  For an even better celebration let us delve into the real essence, true spirit, and patriotic pledges of this memorable occasion pondering over the Reality Check on Pakistan Day.  Discover, validate and attribute on Pakistan Day how humble, less-heard and unsung journalists quietly, zealously and […]

pakistan and india

Pro-Pakistani vibes dawn over Indian horizon

Imagine models of paradigm and positive shift in Indian public opinion on Pakistan’s statesmanlike gestures of goodwill to India! A favorable Pakistani stance reflects whether Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Warthaman’s pro Pakistani confessions on his release from Pakistan or Indian cricketers felicitations to Imran Khan on his election as Prime Minister of Pakistan or the […]


Patriots vow to owe and own Pakistan

When academia, philanthropists, corporate leaders and professionals focused to harness the promise and potential of Pakistan through such segments as fostering vocational trades of dignity, education, healthcare and environment through the spirit of self-help, trust, confidence building and sharing empowerment, it was a humble little unique national event “I Owe Pakistan” organized by the Public […]