Curtain-Raiser to a Success Story

Heads bow in gratitude before Almighty Allah and sharing in deep humility with the world at large is that a simple little ordinary teacher like me may be at sheer loss of words but oozing with feelings of purity, love, affection, sentiments and wishes for all my rocketing students, very specially, truly centrally and most vitally, Tamjid Aijazi who has made his parents, teachers, IoBM his institution and Pakistan proud in sober humbleness by reaching national and global milestones, including the  acquiring of 50 percent stake in The News Tribe, Pakistan’s largest independent bi-lingual news website.

Launched in 2011 from Britain, The News Tribe emerged as one of the leading independent news websites of the country for its extensive, timely and round-the-clock news coverage of local and international events and developments. Within just three years of its launching, it was among the top 50 websites and top 10 news websites of Pakistan. While The News Tribe aims to be a worthy, reliable and authentic source of news, it will soon be launching its own video streaming service for entertainment related content, Artificial Intelligence-based news generation products and a performance-driven financial model for the content industry.

Tamjid, beginning humbly his MBA in Media  Management from CBM, IoBM, blossoming with emotional maturity, seriousness of purpose and penetrative thinking at AAJ and Hurriyat Websites, stealing the limelight at world renowned News tribe Website being graciously re-launched, accredited in the global context as a positive thinker and practical doer based in Perth, Western Australia, known for impactful analyses of the horrendous potential of world cyber wars, emulating for a change dignity of media consultancy, journalism, film-making, political commentaries and public speaking, exploring with character and style new horizons as CIO Shortpoint LinkedIn and CIO@MiracleTek/CrunchBase, cherished as a dynamic and diversified individual with vim, vigor and vitality in technology start-ups, media and management.

MashaAllah, Tamjid is revealed as Allah’s blessing of a gift for inexpressibly loving, caring and sharing parents and teachers who are inspiring him in the heart of his hearts, reflecting in the glows and sparks of his eyes and all-illuminating over his success horizon. Thanking for this gracious opportunity and surfacing from deep inside, I discovered in Tamjid, while he took MBA Media Management courses from me, something beyond a routine student, a real human asset. Beyond mutually and meticulously meeting standard requirements of courses and exams, I could eye and tap Tamjid’s rare and unique potential on his sense of belonging to family, city, country and to human society at large with selfless and matchless positive thinking and an unparallel resolve in result-oriented excellence as a journalist, media consultant, film-maker and public motivator, a dream of a simple little teacher turning true by a one-time quiet and promising student and now a prodigy of a professional,  Tamjid,  MashaAllah!!

In Tamjid Aijazi is a passionate friend for all, be they men at the helm of affairs, men of letters and man in the street, or for that matter, young and old, men and women, professionals or amateurs, looking for reason to resonate, spirit to rejuvenate and innovation to invigorate, tapping urges, pinning hopes, rekindling aspirations in simple, trustworthy and fruitful guidance, counseling and partnerships with Tamjid Aijazi, a celebrity to celebrate life excellence with grace, dignity and honor towards an enlightened: better and brighter tomorrow. InshaAllah!

By Parvez Jamil . Karachi
0324-2899563 – 0334-3013971

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