Conflicting Viewpoints: Areas of Caution in the Precinct of Sensitivities Civil Vs military Perception

None among Pakistanis are traitors, unless proven guilty through a due and unbiased process of law.

Blame game in accusing others at whims, or to the dissenting voices on state policies is UNACCEPTABLE in decent societies including Muslim society. Most dissenting voices reflect frustration in love of the nation and needs to be addressed with diligence.

Counter blames depict intolerance, no matter how justified that would be.

The soldiers fighting in defense of Pakistan at the borders are the defenders of a sovereign nation, the state of Pakistan. Their dedication and sacrifices in the line of fire is undisputed, for both, those who oppose the leadership policies, or those who support them.

The opposition to policies should not be twined or twisted to challenge patriotism. Those who oppose leadership policies are the most courageous to speak out against the tide of sycophants placed in the media to spread profanity by a particular political quarter known to most of us.

However, opposition should also draw a line to speak, and what not to speak.

Talking against the valiant armed forces of Pakistan, or the soldiers fighting in bunkers at the borders of Pakistan is totally unacceptable.

We fully understand that the policies of “N” and the regime of “Y” brought a dark chapter in Pakistan’s history, and the Kargil episode humiliated the entire nation during “M”’s rule. Both were military regimes, though the military had nothing to do with dictators’ personal agenda in extending power base.

This resulted in a bad reputation.

However, analysts must be careful; it is not the military rather a handful of leadership whether it be in uniform or without the uniform who time and again damaged the country. This is why dollar rupee exchange rate from $1 = Rs. 3 stands at 140 today, and the foreign debts emboldened in each and every regime undisputed.

My family and friends, like all others serving in the military are loyal to the last drop of blood for Pakistan. Their sacrifices are EXEMPLARY.

Any comments need extra care and diligence.

Leadership and military are two different terms in expression. So are the policies and state. No one can dare to challenge the integrity of a state, nor should be construed that way.

Military is an un disputed institution in the line of fire. This patriotism is above all, however leadership should stay careful in using words, such as, “the military subscribes to my party manifesto”. This statement is offensive to all others, those who oppose policies. Furthermore, no leadership has a right to shut up others for “six months” on their whims. It is a flagrant violation of the state constitution. Country has not declared emergency to restrict freedom of public rights of expression, nor is there a need for it in the current culture of the internet where access of information cannot be annihilated.

This shut up call against opposition brings frustration which results in the institutional disrepute.
Both of these acts are reprehensible.

The nation fully supports their armed forces and are ever ready to lay down their lives in the line of fire to defend a great nation side by side with their valiant armed forces.


By: Gholam Mujtaba, Ed.D., M.D., FRSPH, FICPS