British Airways in Pakistan -Zulfi Bukhari improving the image of the country

KARACHI – The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) Chairman Brig. Muhammad Aslam Khan (Retd) on Thursday said re-entry of British Airways in Pakistan is a landmark achievement of Prime Minister Imran Khan government.

The development has proved that the image of the country is improving globally which will help attract multinational corporations which is necessary for much-needed investment, he said.

Brig. Muhammad Aslam Khan said that a big name like British Airways coming to Pakistan means that international community is recognizing Pakistan’s potential as a new and good investment destination.

The credit of return of British Airways to Pakistan goes to PM Khan and his team as their effort will help send a positive picture of the country to the world.

The decision of the British Airways means that the country’s environment is now conducive for the foreign companies, it is no longer isolated and it is safe as well as highly profitable for the foreign investors, he noted.

The return of the British Airways will open new horizons of connectivity for Pakistan while the efforts of the government the economic outlook of Pakistan will continue to improve, he observed.

He recalled that the British Airways suspended its operations in Pakistan in 2008 citing the safety of its passengers but now the situation has changed for good.

Mr. Khan also lauded the steps taken to boost remittances which are the lifeline for the national economy as every year, overseas Pakistanis were sending over US$20 billion through proper channel.

Overseas Pakistanis were sending up to US$15 billion via informal means while increased use of banking channels will help the government boost foreign exchange reserves.

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