Beyond Beautiful to Create Beauty Experiences with Master Classes

Beyond Beautiful is ready and set to bring a change in the beauty industry of Pakistan with its
movement, “Beyond Beautiful” . The purpose of this movement is to enforce that beauty isn’t dependent on age, skin tone, body shape and the other stereotypical standards set by the society. Expected to be held from 26 to 27, Beyond Beautiful will break just these barriers and will open new
doors for the health and wellness industry.

Bringing aboard geniuses from the sector, Beyond Beautiful will be hosting a Master class that will
introduce new ways of grooming and styling one’s self. From skin training to skin care routine and from
styling to grooming, this Master class will be covering multiple areas in the field.

The event will feature Master classes from multiple maestros of the sector, including, Zeena Feygina, who is the creative director and Makeup trainer. Feygina is best known for enhancing the natural beauty and bringing out the best in people’s true selves. She will be educating everyone on how to improve their makeup skills or to polish the ones they already have. Not only Feygina, but the bests of the bests from the industry will also be taking part in the Beyond Beautiful Master classes. Saba Ansari from The Sabs Salon will also be creating multiple makeup looks depending on different features and skin tones. Her skill lies in her hands, she crafts perfection and this is why her focus will mainly be on telling everyone how to use makeup to enhance your natural features and not to undermine them. Another name in the Beyond Beautiful Master class list is none other than Nabila. She knows no introduction, as her experience and contribution in the field cannot be summarized in few words. It is enough to tell that even the best in the makeup industry want to learn from her and how she creates magic that transforms everyone for good.

“Beyond Beautiful is not just an event; it is a movement to celebrate and enhance beauty. I’m very excited to introduce the first of its kind beauty experience. I have always enjoyed my role as a pioneer in
the fashion industry and I think this annual event will bring great brands and their capabilities to the
forefront as well as introduce the latest beauty trends in the global market for the consumer as well as
connect all these businesses on one platform.”

Catwalk Event Management & Productions is hosting Beyond Beautiful Awards & Expo under its initiative Catwalk Cares, which aims to empower beauty and education by sharing the life-changing techniques and giving out self-grooming sessions and scholarships to those who deserve.

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