With China,Saudi and UAE Packages, Economy will be Improved, Nusrat wahid

KARACHI; Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf  MNA Nusrat Wahid has said that with the assistance of economic package from China, Saudi Arabia and UAE, the economic condition of the Country will be improved, In this regard through the Economic Activities will be further developed and the Country will soon be out of the Economic Crisis.

She expressed her feelings during the meeting with the representatives of Trade Body/ Traders Community. She further said that back in 1971 the loan amount was  30 Billion, and by the year 2008 the amount soared upto Six (6) thousand Billion Dollars, and from 2008 up till now the Country is in debt for 30 thirty thousand billion.

The previous Governments wrong Economic policies the Country has been trapped in a SWAMP, due to this the rupee value has further depleted and the US Dollar rates has gone up.

Nusrat Wahid added that increase in investments reduction of poverty and lower prices are the main priorities of the Government, Investors confidence will be restored, we will make the country a centre of economic activities and the CEPEC projects will be completed on priority basis,

We will provide full assistance to the local as well as foreign investors and provide them basic facilities. The present difficulties are temporary and all promises made with General public will be fulfilled. She further said that the Overseas Pakistan should play their due role to improve the Economy of the Country and increase the Foreign Exchange Reserves of the Country.

We will get the Country out of the Economic Crisis.

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