Turhan James

Turhan James kicked off the event with ‘Game of Thrones’ remix at the Solis festival in Lahore

LAHORE -The Solis Music Art Festival took place in Lahore on the 13th of March at the Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort. The artists that participated were Turhan James Burk Yeter, Mike Williams, Zonderling and FDVM. Turhan James kicked off the event with ‘ game of thrones’ remix at the Solis festival in Lahore.

The Music Festival which was previously held in Islamabad in February was a lit event with huge crowds from around the capital. Solis Music & Arts Festival is all set to explore the new and modern options in the music industry. Burak Yeter made his debut by playing for the first time in Pakistan at the Solis festival. He shares his talents with other emerging  DJs across the globe.

Whereas Fdvm needed to come back in order to retain its position. As for Mike Williams, he has pioneered the “future bounce” giving the sound a genre that merges both big room and future house music together in one unique vibe. Solis is one of its kind which promotes music sensations from around the world in attendance.

The Pakistan-born and Canada bred DJ and producer Turhan James has a lot of firsts, from deep house to dance-pop to his credit. James has given a name to the genre, and just last week he released a new song called ‘Feel Alive’ with a music video that has stirred up the music industry. There is no doubt that the Solis Festival has made a place for performing.

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