Thugs of Hindostan

Thugs of Hindostan Destroys All Box Office Records

Thugs Of Hindostan (HINDI) has destroyed all box records as it collects in the 50 crore net range on the first day. It will the first film to hit this mark if it reaches with final collections in the morning. The previous record was 39.32 crore of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo if we count outright Hindi films only and.40.73 crore net if we include box office legend Bahubali – The Conclusion. It is also the highest single day in history as it beats the Sunday numbers of Sanju.

Thugs Of Hindustan has beaten every single circuit figure of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo that is certain while though it will be ahead of Bahubali – The Conclusion in terms of all India collections some circuits may be a little less as the major difference between Thugs of Hindustan and Bahubali – The Conclusion is coming from the South (where Bahubali – The Conclusion had a limited release in Hindi), Delhi / UP and Bihar

Delhi / UP and Bihar are extraordinary as Delhi / UP figure may beat the Bahubali – The Conclusion figure by 2 crore net and Bihar also may come out 50 lakh ahead. The film has run riot in these two circuits with multiplexes collecting earth-shattering numbers and single screens running house full across both circuits.

The holiday factor has pushed the film and Bahubali – The Conclusion was not a holiday but still, the numbers have to be done. It is easy to say 45 or 50 crore net but to actually get is a huge achievement today. In the future, even a 50 crore net number will look small as many films do it as ticket prices get higher and higher.

The big benchmarks apart from the all India 50 crore net day one that is on for the film are a 10 crore net total in Delhi / UP which no one has even got close to, even 9 crore net has not been surpassed on any day. It also could get 3 crore net in Rajasthan and 1.50 crore net in Bihar.

There is a possibility of the film going over 50 crore net when the final figures come out in the morning. The range at present is a big one between 48-52 crore as 48 crores it has done for sure and 52 crore net is a possibility. This all depends on the where the final figures of Mumbai and Delhi / UP come out in the morning as these two could be 5-10% higher or lower than present estimates.