Summer Camp Activities Kick Off at Beach Luxury Hotel

Karachi : This summer, Beach Luxury Hotel has  arranged a Summer camp program, offering kids an enriching experience through a mix of fun and healthy activities aimed at improving well-being. The summer camp started from 2nd July 2018 and has been running successfully with healthy activities including swimming lessons to teach self-discipline and socialization skills through Karate.

Mr. Azeem Qureshi, General Manager Beach Luxury Hotel stated, “With school out during the summer, many kids do not get enough physical activity or learning. In our day camp, children are in a safe environment where they feel welcome and explore their hidden talent. We ensure that kids go home with excitement for all they have accomplished and enjoyed that they cannot wait to come back the next day.”

Beach Luxury summer camp programs offers children an opportunity to explore the outdoors, meet new friends, discover new interests and create memories that last a lifetime