Nawaz shifted to PIMS from Adiala jail

ISLAMABAD:  The authorities on Sunday shifted former prime minister Nawaz Sharif from Adiala jail to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) after his health deteriorated.

The caretaker government ordered to shift Nawaz from Adiala to PIMS after doctors expressed concern about the health of the former prime minister. The ousted PM was moved to the hospital The ousted PM was shifted to the hospital under strict arrangements of the security in armored vehicle.

The medical board headed by Dr Ejaz Qadeer carried out medical checkup of the former prime minister after he complained about pain in his arm and heart.

Punjab Caretaker Home Minister Shaukat Javed said on state-run Pakistan Television (PTV) that doctors had advised his transfer to hospital after an electrocardiogram had shown variations. “How many days he stays in hospital depends on doctors,” Javed said.

 – Imran prays for Nawaz Sharif’s speedy recovery –