Alkaram Group Introduction

The Group has its origins in the early 1900s when it started the trade of grains and oil in the subcontinent. Entrepreneurial skills and acumen have always been the driving force behind the success of the Group. Based in Karachi, the Alkaram Group has unfolded its vision of growth and established its multifaceted concerns countrywide and abroad. Following opportunities in the newly created state of Pakistan, the Group flourished in the fields of textiles, F & B, salt mining, hospitality, trading and distribution.

A melting pot of skilled employees and advanced technology, Alkaram has been brushed upon the wall of success using a simple formula; short lines of communication were kept, along with consistently quick yet well thought-out decisions by managers that have been part of the Alkaram mix since the start. In using this simple philosophy, we have ensured that the identity of Alkaram has not been lost along the way and that the ladder of success we have been climbing has been leaning against the right wall. Soon the Group became the largest business family of the country by creating the most modern textile units that went on to become household names of the country.